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Body Lift Philadelphia

Our bodies can change dramatically over time. Pregnancy, weight loss, and aging can transform our bodies so that we feel the need to seek surgery to make us feel attractive again. Helping you regain your confidence in your physical appearance is the goal at Marchant Plastic Surgery. Whether you need a tummy tuck for that post-pregnancy abdominal pouch or liposuction for persistent pockets of fat that just won’t go away no matter how much you diet and exercise, Dr. Eric A. Marchant is ready to help you fight your “battle of the bulge.”

Other names for Body Lift:

Belt Lipectomy

Abdominoplasty with Belt Lipectomy

Procedure Expectations:

Remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and flanks. Tighten abdominal muscles.

Procedure Limitations:

Liposuction is sometimes performed at the same time as body lift to enhance the results.

Liposuction does not address mesenteric or inner-abdominal fat that can make an abdomen look distended.

Surgical Time:

Four to five hours


Belt lipectomy patients should refrain from any aerobic activity and lifting over 10 lbs for three to four weeks. Most patients return to more sedentary jobs within two to three weeks.

Patients seeking a more slender, attractive figure often opt for a body lift to re-contour their entire trunk with excess fat and skin removal. The body lift is a combination of several procedures designed to target an area of the body to give it an overall slimmer look. In the lower body lift, Dr. Marchant treats the abdomen and the area around the midsection. Combined, these procedures dramatically improve the appearance of the hips, and upper and lower abdomen. A lower body lift can dramatically improve your appearance and allow you to have greater confidence in clothing.