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Liposuction Philadelphia

Our bodies can change dramatically over time. Pregnancy, weight loss, and aging can transform our bodies so that we feel the need to seek surgery to make us feel attractive again. Helping you regain your confidence in your physical appearance is the goal at Marchant Plastic Surgery. Whether you need a tummy tuck for that post-pregnancy abdominal pouch or liposuction for persistent pockets of fat that just won’t go away no matter how much you diet and exercise, Dr. Eric A. Marchant is ready to help you fight your “battle of the bulge.”

Other names for Liposuction:


Procedure Expectations:

Remove fat from the abdomen, upper arms, flanks, thighs, and buttocks.

Procedure Limitations:

Liposuction does not address severe, excess skin.

Liposuction can sometimes leave an irregular surface.

Liposuction is not a weight loss measure.

Surgical Time:

One to three hours


Liposuction patients should refrain from any aerobic activity and lifting over 10 lbs for three weeks. During that time, patients wear a compression garment for three weeks, day and night. Most patients return to more sedentary jobs within one week.

In this popular procedure, stubborn deposits of fat are eliminated using suction. Advancements in liposuction techniques have made this surgery safer and more comfortable than ever before. After anesthetic is infused into the treatment area, small tubes will be inserted under your skin. Dr. Marchant will move the tubes to suction out fat from specific areas.

Your recovery time will depend on how large of an area is being treated and how much fat is removed. Patients are encouraged to move immediately after treatment and may return to work within a few days if a small area has been treated. Depending on the extent of your liposuction procedure, full recovery can take several days to several weeks. Over the next several months, skin will even out and somewhat tighten on its own to accommodate the loss of fat. Dr. Marchant has extensive experience with this treatment and can ensure your surgery goes as smoothly as possible.

Liposuction can effectively reshape your body contour, but it is not intended to reduce overall body weight. Liposuction can be used for purposes above and beyond simple fat removal. For example, benign fatty tumors can also be treated using liposuction