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Breast Implant Options Philadelphia

Breasts can be a source of confidence for women. Many women, though, are unable to take pride in their appearance because of their breasts. Women may feel that their breasts sag or are the wrong size for their frame. Patients come to the practice of Eric A. Marchant, MD in the Philadelphia area for breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and breast implant replacement surgery.

Other names for Saline Implants:

Saltwater Implants

Other names for Silicone Gel Implants:

Gel Implants

Cohesive Gel Implants

“Gummy Bear” Implants

Saline Implant Expectations:

Saline implants just contain sterile salt water. Saline implants are easy to maintain.

Saline implants are placed empty and filled once in the muscle pocket. This allows for a smaller incision. Possible incision sites are in the armpit, on the lower half of the areola, or under the breast.

Saline implants may be filled a little differently from one breast to the other.

Silicone Gel Implant Expectations:

Silicone gel implants can feel and look more natural than saline implants.

Silicone gel implants are placed already filled.

The incision site is a little longer than that for saline. A no-touch technique with the Keller Funnel is used to minimize manipulation of the implant. Silicone gel implants do not tend to show implant rippling.

Some silicone gel implants are shaped anatomically, or in a “tear-drop” shape, for an even more natural look.

Saline Implant Limitations:

Saline implants last 10-15 years. They are easily removed and replaced. You know when you have a deflation.

Even though saline implants are placed under chest muscle, saline implants can show rippling around and under the breasts on thinner women. Saline implants can feel like unnatural.

Women 18 years of age and older may request saline implants for cosmetic purposes.

Silicone Gel Implant Limitations:

Silicone gel implants last 10-15 years. Patients are encouraged to have MRI studies performed every two years to check for possible rupture.

Women 22 years of age and older may request silicone gel implants for cosmetic purposes.

There are three FDA approved manufacturers of breast implants in the United States- Mentor Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson company, Natrelle, an Allergan company, and Sientra. Mentor saline and silicone gel implants are manufactured in Dallas, Texas. Natrelle saline and silicone gel implant implants are manufactured in Costa Rica. Sientra silicone gel implants were manufactured in Brazil.

Breast implants come in different shapes and sizes. Dr. Marchant is certified to use all manufacturers of FDA approved implants. It is best to consult with Marchant Plastic Surgery to learn what implant manufacturer, shape, and size are right for your cosmetic breast goals. Please follow links below to view each manufacturer’s line of breast implants and warranties.

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