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Ear Surgery Philadelphia

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Other names for Ear Surgery:


Procedure Expectations:

Ear contouring for ears that ‘stick out’ – scar lines hidden behind ears.

Procedure Limitations:

Ears can “pop out” after surgery if compression is not worn an adequate period of time.

Surgical Time:

One to two hours


Ear surgery patients should refrain from any aerobic activity and lifting over 10 lbs for three weeks. Most patients return to more sedentary jobs within one to two weeks.

Children or adults who have suffered all their lives from teasing due to large, protruding, or misshapen ears can benefit from otoplasty surgery at Marchant Plastic Surgery. Dr. Marchant can pin ears back, correct very large earlobes, straighten lop ear tips which fold forward, reshape the ear’s folds if features of a normal ear are missing, and fix a variety of other cosmetic problems. Dr. Marchant will make small incisions behind the ear to allow him to shape the ear’s cartilage. Cutting it or folding and stitching it in place may reshape the cartilage of the ear. Stitches are usually removed a week after surgery.

This safe procedure is frequently performed on children to spare them the emotional damage others may inflict due to the size or shape of their ears.