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Injectables Philadelphia

New advancements in plastic surgery have made facial procedures safer, easier, and more natural looking than ever before. There is no longer any reason to be dissatisfied with the appearance of your face. Visit Dr. Eric A. Marchant for facial plastic surgery tailored to your individual features, including facelift, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery. Dr. Marchant will listen to you closely and design a treatment plan based on the changes you would like to make.

Other names for Injectables:


Botulinum Toxin A

Procedure Expectations:

Reduce wrinkles of the face. Add volume to the mid-face.

Procedure Limitations:

Injectable products are not a substitute for greater facial procedures such as face lift.

Injectable results are temporary.

Surgical Time:

Five minutes


Injectable patients should refrain from exercise the day of their injections.

There are times when we feel our face could use a little “pick-me-up.” We might look in the mirror and see a new line across our forehead or a little bit of droop in our cheek. It might not be severe enough to warrant a facelift but it certainly isn’t something we’re willing to ignore. In this case, Dr. Marchant offers non-invasive procedures that have virtually no downtime, but also provide cost effective ways to achieve months, and even years, of targeted rejuvenation to your face. This is where injection of Botox or fillers are most beneficial.

The skin layer below the most superficial level of skin is called the dermis and is primarily composed of a protein called collagen. Your skin depends on the strength of this layer to maintain elasticity, firmness, and strength. The collagen layer weakens over time, creating visible wrinkles and fine lines.

BOTOX® injections can eliminate lines and wrinkles caused by contracting muscles, such as crow’s feet and forehead and frown lines. A fine needle will be used to inject the serum into your facial muscles. The muscles, which cause wrinkles, will be forced to relax and facial lines will be softened considerably.

Dr. Marchant can also minimize lines and scars and restore skin firmness with filler products, such as Restylane™, Juvederm™, and Voluma™, or a collagen-producting product such as Sculptra™. Please consult with Dr. Marchant for more information about which filler is appropriate for you.